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Backup equipment
You've booked your wedding/event and you've booked your Photobooth? What happens if the printer computer or camera in the booth packs up? Here at Rentabooth when we set a Photobooth up we carry backup equipment for everything that is likely to go wrong. The computer, the printer and always a spare camera.

Personalised Albums
Our Guestbooks are made individually by our bookbinder to your specifications in the colour(s) to the theme of your event. Your details, names etc are embossed on the cover of your album. No other photobooth company in the UK is offering the same thing.

Number of prints
Unlike our competitors your guests get plenty of prints from a Rentabooth photobooth. Here are a couple of examples. Two couples go into the Photobooth. We make three prints. One for each couple and one for your Guestbook. Three individuals use the Photobooth. We make four prints. Our prints are dry and laminated and pop out of the printer very, very fast. The software allows us to specify the number of prints required as your guests enter the Photobooth. There is no waiting around. As far as we know, no other company offers the multiple print option.

Experience and quality of images
We have been running professional Photobooths since 2007 and provide two assistants
for the events that we cover. One to administer the guestbook and get written messages from your guests alongside their photographs and one to make sure that the guests using the Photobooth have a fun experience. Although your Guestbook is a pretty informal way
of documenting your reception, our assistants are trained to make your book up so that the prints have the correct messages alongside them! We use a special glueing machine to make sure that your prints adhere permanently to the page. No bluetack or sticky tape for us! We have been professional wedding photographers for many years and we are very, very fussy about the quality of prints that we deliver out of our Photobooth week after
week. For up to date samples, the best place to view our latest images is to take a look
at our blog.

Pat Testing and 5 million Public Liability Insurance
Any professional Photobooth company must carry Public Liability insurance and have any equipment that they plug into a venue's power supply Pat Tested every year for your protection. We fully comply with all of the Health and Safety requirements for working at wedding and event venues. All of our equipment is Pat Tested every year and we carry Public Liability Insurance up to 5,000,000.

Risk Assessment/Method Statement
The latest hobby horse from Europe! We are happy to supply an up-to-date Method Statement and Risk Assessment for your particular venue if requested.

Number of people and wheelchair access
When we made the decision to open Rentabooth, we looked at the options available and realised that the hard sided/solid Photobooths were simply too heavy and limited in the ease that they can moved around. In the last month we would have had to turn away at least four bookings as a 400 Kg Photobooth would not have fitted up the stairs of each of the venues.

For us a further limitation is that the walls are solid and limits the number of poeple that can fit in the Photobooth at any one time. The curtained sides of our Photobooths allow many. many people to use the Photobooth at the same time. We are not going to tell you just how many people have successfully used the Photobooth at one time as it will encourage you to try and break the record, but it is more than ten!

The other big advantage is that a wheelchair can fit into our Photobooths allowing wheelchair users to join in the fun too without leaving their wheelchair outside the Photobooth.