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Rentabooth has been running professional Photobooths for over six years and in that time
we have seen many other Photobooth companies appearing on the scene. To stay ahead
of the rest, we have always strived to offer our clients new services and products that our competition can only dream about and every few months we have done exactly that.


The one thing we have always done for our clients is to offer a product that is very personal. Our Guestbooks are personalised in the colour(s) that you like and we laser engrave your names, and dates if you like, onto the cover. The photos that we give to your guests can be personalised with your names and you can have a complete theme printed on the photos. We also offer unique and fun thank you cards.

The latest idea for even more personalisation came from an unexpected source. One of our clients!
The bride asked us if it was possible to include a message from the bride and groom to give to their guests on their wedding day via the Photobooth.


At most of the events that we cover, we hand out hundreds and hundreds of prints to your guests.
Those prints have always been handed out in an envelope to protect and keep them safe. Most weekends throughout the year, Rentabooth will print over 1500 envelopes that we give out with your guests' prints and now we can personalise them with a message from the bride and groom or the party host(s). We can add logos and a message for your product launch or leave your guests any message you would like from your event.

What is even better? It's free!

How do you go about ordering them? Let us know the wording of the message that you would like,
a few weeks before your wedding/event by email. and we will make sure that the envelopes, with your message, are handed out to your guests by our team.

Two - THE iPAD

Want to email your Photobooth image that you have just had taken? Straight to your Facebook page or to your email address? Here is how it works.

When you have been in the Photobooth, left a message to your event hosts and picked up your prints, take a walk over to the iPad stand a few metres away. Your image will have appeared on the iPad a couple of seconds after it was taken. Select the image, add your email address/Facebook address and hit the send button. It's that easy.

Where possible, we match the iPad stand to your venue too! We have them in wood that look amazing in a country house or stately home, (we go to lots of them) and metal for a more modern venue. It is proving to be very, very popular and as it's an app that we have had written for the iPad ourselves, so it is totally exclusive to Rentabooth.


The latest Photobooth craze is definitely the moustaches, lips and glasses that we have seen at almost every Photobooth that we have attended over the last few months.

A company like Dixie and Dotty are charging £15.00 for ten of them!

They are a product that we have been making ourselves on our laser cutter for the last few months and we will be including 36 of them with every Photobooth that we attend in 2013!

At Dixie & Dotty's prices it is a saving of over £50 as we include them with the package that we offer!

This is on top of all of the extra exclusive goodies that we offer to our clients that no other Photobooth company offers. The iPad email stand, our superb personalised Guestbooks, messaged envelopes, truly unlimited prints and the superb quality images and printing that we deliver to our clients week after week.

Please note that we are already fully booked for a few dates this summer. Don't delay if you want to guarantee your date.


We have always offered the old style strip prints in our packages but up until now we have had to manually cut a pair of prints as strips with a Rotatrim cutter. It slowed the flow of the guests through the Photobooth a little.

Not any more! We have just invested in two of the very latest professional printers that print and cut the strips automatically. Two strips, cut and laminated, drop into the tray every 8 seconds! Brand new on the market in March 2013 and we were the first to get them. If you would like us to produce strips for you and your guests just let us know when you reserve your date.

Did you notice that we mentioned that we bought two of the new printers? We buy all of our equipment in pairs because we always carry a spare of every item of equipment that could possibly go wrong. Down time if we ever have any item of our equipment fail, whether it be a camera, a printer a computer or anything else takes less than five minutes to be up and running again.