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Our Photobooths are a digital, faster, fresher and much better quality alternative to the original passport photo kiosks. One thing we can absolutely guarantee is the fun and laughter that comes with every Photobooth. It is as much a part of the evenings entertainment as well as creating great momentoes of the event for you and your guests.

We have been professional photographers for many years and the difference between us shooting an event in the normal way and the photobooth, is that no photographer is involved and the taking of the shots is controlled by the people in the booth itself. A footswitch triggers the camera and four shots are taken at four second intervals. They are instantly made into a four shot collage and printed. We can now add
a logo or message to the prints to commemorate the occasion.

Because the Photobooth is private, the inhibitions of the guests vanishes and the images often show a side of the people that you will never normally see. Whether young or old and often a combination of the two!

The speed of the bespoke digital system that we use means that the prints are ready as soon as your guests leave the booth. They are superb quality and laminated and we offer the option of black and white or colour.

Because there has been so much of a buzz around our Photobooths and because we are getting so much interest from all over the UK and Ireland we are now offering the opportunity for a relatively inexpensive business opportunity for anybody who would like to start their own Photobooth business.

We have the business experience, the technical knowledge and the photographic experience to get you started immediately after a single day of training. Currently, in late April 2008, there is no business in the whole of Scotland, Wales or Ireland offering any kind of photobooth service.

If you want to be the first in any of those areas, give us a call!

If you are a hotel or other business that offers corporate entertainment, parties or events and you would like a fun, money making service in addition to what you are currently offering your clients, give us a call.